In the name of God

Long life secret

Life subject in living creatures includes two parts: First part deals with core or cell

formation and the second part deals with core and cell growth and development.

What we are mostly focus on is the second part and as we are studying general

factors of growth and development, there is no difference among plants, animals or

human being as living creature.

First factor of growth: when a seed or core begins to grow, not only it needs an

appropriate field and desirable temperature, but also it should be in absolute

darkness. e.g. no light may penetrate the cell or core. That's why no living creature

can live or reproduce in desert.

Because light and its intensity in desert is more than other regions during the year.

Therefore reproduction and death of small and tiny creatures is at the minimum

rate and consequently desert soil has no potentiality or required materials for

growth of other creatures.

Regarding the above subjects: There are two methods for development of desert: 1-

To make desert sky cloudy for most times of year (this subject is related to physics

to be studied later on) 2- The easiest and cheapest method is to create ploughs and

valleys in desert. These ploughs and vallies routs should be such that at most 3

months of year sun shines there.

In that case plants will grow with the least amount of water.

But about human : If we compare a day and night to one year and suppose morning

as spring, afternoon as summer , evening as fall and night as winter, the cell is

formed during the day and grows in darkness of night. So for better and complete

growth of cells, it is preferred for human to sleep soon a make the most use of night

darkness. and get up early in the morning. So when the cell is fully grown and

powerful healthy . It will live long and consequently human will live long. On time

sleep at nights and stay awake during the day are reasons for human long life.

When electricity entered human life and disordered its night and day, it caused

many diseases and life shortness.

Being careful, you may found out that in villages which do not enjoy electricity

privileges, people have to make their outmost use of day light and sleep early at

nights which results in their healthiness ad long life.

Of course, living element which is eating may strengthen wells of human and

lengthen his life for more than 150 years. In the next article as living elixir I will

explain it.