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Prevention and definite treatment of cancer and diabetes, ...

Presenting a modern method of activity and movements of body, we concluded that main cause
of most diseases such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, is arising from
A) Sleeping during day - B) too much use of substance like milk, yogurt and
orange .. .together with food.
So, the persons who doesn't sleep during day from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. and avoid
using yogurt and never become sick and in case of any illness, are definitely
treated with this method during some months. Statistics show 100% success in this field.

[The only reason Diabetes(A,B)1_Sleeping during day 2_ too much use of substance  like
  milk,  yogurt,banana and orange ]



A ) About sleep, substances have been described to necessary extent in wisdom (Hekmat) book.
B ) But about dairy,
Generally, substances with calcium like orange and banana specially dairy like yogurt and milk are only a complete food, meaning one can live just using dairy for long terms, but if a person consumes yogurt or milk together with an other food, the body provides its required energy from dairy in first stage, at a result, sugar containing substances and fats without burning, remind in the body that are cause of diabetes, blood fat diseases and finally, heart diseases,...
Unfortunately, in old medical science even today advanced science, there aren't a discussion about priority of vitamins and proteins also their conflict with together,... Diabetes disease has been stating from Boghrat and it is said that Diabetes is a harmful disease that sometimes without eating sugar substances, blood sugar is increased all at once and sometimes even blood sugar is decreased. No it isn't. unless disease has a wise and can intend to harm to human, but it is the same subject of priority and delay and because such subjects aren't considered in treatment of many diseases, human are effected the diseases.
Yogurt contrary to its appearance that when is entered to the body , make cool the body, but after about 8 hours, because of calcium existed in yogurt, make warm the body and caused in metabolism and change of body heat and environment are disordered and to this reason, some think their nature is warm , but it isn't. No eating dairy and yogurt and milk and orange cause body heat is decreased. Of course, nobody say dairy isn't a good material, but it is the best and the most health foodstuff in case is used only as food, no together with other food and from other hand, problem of priority and ... in foodstuff isn't only related to dairy, because most diseases of people are arising from substances, mentioned in here.
So, considering the above substances are required as prevention even for persons who are healthy and it is better that patients avoid eating of dairy at least for a period of one year then eat dairy only as breakfast

Important point; the persons sleep not at all during day and east lots of yogurt,.. their blood sugar is increased but their blood sugar is usually less than 200 and their fat is not very high.


                                                                Treating garlic

The persons who use method of treating garlic for treatment of diseases such as
(Diabetes, blood pressure, cancer or...), should be informed certainly the cases,
occurred during treatment.
Generally, diseases aren't formed all at once but as staging (evolution) for example
the first stage, it is entered quickly in human body so that the patient is not noted at
all. After time, 2nd stage that is a little quicker, is entered to the body with a little pain,
then gradually the disease is progressed to complete limit and is appeared and
spending time the more, the disease the severer.
If everyone act the mentioned regime and method, treatment will be as staging like
entering disease to the body.
In first week, whereas entering of disease to the body is stopped, so, one feels
calming down, but in 2nd week , whereas. 1st. stage of disease is being treated, a little
physical disorders (pain, fever arising from infection) is appeared, then relative
calming down is created and in 2nd stage of treatment, there are a little pain and fever
This ups and downs (sinuous movement) continue so that last stage disease is treated.
Of course, interval of treatment is increased that to this ratio, reflection of disease
(pain, fever,..) is decreased.
The disease the harder or the patient the older, this ups and downs the riser and the treatment the longer. And having gotten away the 1st. stage disease, the pain is lowed, because order of outing of disease is contrary to entering of disease meaning entering first stage of outing of disease is simultaneously with last stage entering disease to the body, so it is recommended in harmful diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes and chemotherapy and heart diseases and deep diseases, using drugs should not be stopped until complete remedy and it is better daily sleep is done before eating lunch and gradually stopped.
Only difficulty is that marks and particulars of illness when outing is almost similar to entering to the body and whereas, outing of disease is not a real disease but is reflection of disease, taking drug to rate of taking of drug of last stage of entering disease can create problems, therefore taking of drug should be done more accurately, for example, in diabetes patients, if rate of taking insulin when outing disease as the rate of taking insulin as when entering , cause blood sugar is decreased and can harm severly to the body, specially in cancer patients who are being treated through chemotherapy, should avoid sever to eat substances and sour fruit also kinds of pickles, because these substances cause not only disorder in treatment process but also its very taking in healthy persons cause diseases such as nervous and depression and skin and main reason of little blood and cause Alzheimer disease in older persons.


Interesting case is that whereas, daily sleep is main field of lots of diseases, no sleeping during day cause outing all disease from the body that if a person has great illness like diabetes and injects Insulin, in case of doing as this manner, all hidden diseases that a person isn't informed , are gone out from the body , therefore appearance of fever and different and meaningless and reasonless pains

Such as pain in shoulders, around of chest, pelvic bone, fingers of hand and foot,
knee, joints and heartbeat and .... arising from exiting of the same minor diseases and
sometimes it is observed when returned infections enter in digestion organ of body
(stomach, intestine,...) cause a little mental and nervous disorders and negative
thoughts in human.
Whereas, the above cases aren't main disease, are appeared as very weak and slight
and no attention able and its mentioning in here, is just for informing of patient and
from other hand, during treatment , it is possible that perspiration is occurred twice in
midnight that it is good mark because it shows the disease is exiting quickly and often
ending of these pains is throat ache (in pharynx) that in case of visiting by physician
and doing of examinations and tests, there are not a mark for this disease.
It is to be mentioned that getting up at morning soon and no sleeping during day cause
the kidneys work much and in the result,
about 10% of weight of body is increased in return for body power of human is
increased because these liquids cause sickness, are went out from body and
appearance marks of no sleeping during day is that noise becomes small, eyes become
big, lips and ears become small and in case of inbreathing three times during day, the
face's colour become red and white like youth times.
Remarks: We introduced diabetes as a main sickness , however, main diseases be one
of the same subsidiary diseases   or Rheumatism, stomach ulcer &... and diabetes is a
subsidiary disease and does hidden in body.

"Sleeping at night soon, helps quitting an addiction"

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