In the name of God

evolution ring  

  Missing link of evolution

We can talk too much about evolution and it cause and quality  and studying other theories . But it

requires adequate time and opportunity here. I'll have a brief definition about the evolution cause

and missing link and will present a comprehensive explanation in future .

General example: when man invents a machine, he adds new parts to it little by little to increase its

efficiency and remove the defects. Eventually a new machine with a simple appearance is made and

substituted for it.

This machine has two important specifications : 1- in spite of simplicity it has a particular geometrical

form 2- Forming materials have complex combinations and many capabilities, so that it may 

accomplish most tasks of previous parts potentially. Now considering these subjects we can say:

A) Main factor of evolution: The main factor of evolution is gravity force.

Applying this hypothesis, human being or any other living being existence in other planets of solar

system is rejected. The only thing we can say is that simple materials or unicellular organisms

formation are probable in some planets because of weak gravity force.

B) Missing link of evolution: when the earthly animal stood on his feet ( upright ) and his brain an feet

were on a direct line, he began to have intelligence and wisdom and transformed to human being. So

human being came to existence so we can interfere at there is no genetic mutation. As some factors

and parameters effecting cellular evolution are unknown to us and not considered in scientific

researches, we suppose that genes are changed suddenly ad at once.)

C) It should be mentioned that long way of evolution, from the smallest living unite "cell" till

anthropoid monkey and then perfect human being has no relation to a dam creation and the present

human generation. A dam creation is other than evolution of animal to man. For more information

about evolution, you can refer to first part of book "life philosophy" on the following web site: